Last week in Porcisan we have renewed our vehicle fleet for the transport of our livestock. We have five new trucks from Scania, which  is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks.

At Scania, they focus their sustainability work on the issues most relevant to their business.

Being a step ahead in environmental excellence and well in advance of environmental legislation is a key success factor for Scania.

A globally integrated production network ensures high standards wherever they operate.They work hard to minimise unnecessary resource consumption, eliminate waste and reduce the impact of their products throughout their lifecycle, from the development and manufacture of vehicles to their use and disposal. Their global service network ensures optimal environmental performance of their products once they are on the road.

These are the reasons why Porcisan has chosen Scania again, as our priority is sustainability, the environment and compliance with animal welfare requirements in transporting our livestock.

Scania in Spain has published our truck fleet renewal on their newsletter.