In high-level meeting with Hungarian Presidency, Copa-Cogeca outlines urgent measures to improve viability of EU pigmeat sector.

In a meeting with the Hungarian Presidency, Cogeca President Paolo Bruni called for urgent measures to help improve the long-term viability of the EU pig meat sector. The move came as EU Farm Ministers discussed conclusions from the Enlarged Advisory Group on Pigmeat The Group was set up to look at solutions to help improve the drastic situation in the EU pigmeat sector. Speaking to Hungarian Farm Minister Sandor Fazekas, Mr Bruni said “The sector has been in crisis for the past three years, partly as a result of rising input costs. In view of the difficult situation, we recommend rapid and effective measures to help farmers face the extreme volatility on the futures markets, such as floor and ceiling values for financial markets.

In addition, we want farmers positioning in the EU food chain to be strengthened so that they get a better return for their product. One way of doing this is by concentrating supply via producer organisations, such as cooperatives”. Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said “We also recommend facilitating livestock producers access to intervention, such as credit facilities. Furthermore, we call for the development of an EU protein plan. The ban on processed animal proteins for non-ruminants must also be lifted immediately. Pigmeat producers must also be allowed to group together into producer organisations, such as cooperatives, to reduce production costs and the increase the value of their production”.

Mr Bruni continued: “European competition rules need to be adjusted to enable producer organisations, like cooperatives, to grow in size and scale, contributing to a better balanced food chain”.Stakeholders demands from the Enlarged Advisory Group have also been sent to the Commission for examination. Mr Bruni went on to discuss with the Presidency current EU animal transport rules, stressing that they are by far the most restrictive and detailed in the world. Mr Bruni called for a proper enforcement of existing legislation before any new legislative initiatives are taken.

Source: Copa-Cogeca Press Release


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