Do you know that…

-Pork is one of the five basic products in human diet?.

-Catalonia is the first Spanish region in pig production and the sixth one in Europe?.

-In 2008, every Spanish person consumed 63,6 kg of pork on average (EU average was 47 kg per person)?.

-70% of pig production cost is feed?.

-The average range of piglets per gilt at birth is 11 piglets?.

-In the EU, pork is the most consumed meat (50%), it is followed by poultry (27,2%), beef (19,3%) and mutton (3,1%)?.

-A Pietrain boar can have 70% of lean meat percentage (this is, every 100 kgs of pork contains 70 kg of lean meat and 30 kg of fat, the highest percentage of lean meat in a pig)?.

-The gilt farrowing period is three months, three weeks and three days (120 days)?.

-Smithfield Foods is the most important pig producer company in USA and worldwide with 922.251 sows in 2009, followed by Triump Food with 371.500 reproductive sows?.

Sources: United Nations Statistics Division -UK TradeInfo- Mercolleida Weekly Report- Ancoporc

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