In 2011, Spanish slaughterhouses produced 5,690,785 t of fresh meat, a figure 2.8% higher than in 2010, according to MAGRAMA. This amount is similar to that recorded in 2007, shortly before the start of the current economic crisis and shows the recovery of the Spanish meat sector.

              Quantity (t)    Diff 11/10 (%)

Pork        3.479.474         3.3

Beef             604.709      0.4

Lamb           131.687       0.3

Goat               10.373       2.3

Poultry      1.386.378      2.7

Total         5.690.785*     2.8

Meat production has increased in all species except for the goats, as shown in the table. There has been a 3,3% increase in pork production which stood at 3,479,474 t, the highest figure reached by our country that it is the second largest producer in Europe (Germany is the first European pig producer).

Furthermore, meats such as beef and sheep maintain some recovery. Chicken, which is considered one of the cheapest meats at supermarkets, has also gone up (1.38 million tons, with a 2.7% increase) due to the demand.

This increase is directly due to the rise in exports in 2011 as 13.7% in quantity (1.70 million t) and 18.5% in value (3,815,000 euros), according to ICEX.

*Plus equine and rabbit meats.

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