We are aware that  Influenza A (H1N1) -known in other countries as Swine Flu- is a serious problem and that people who suffer  the virus may die. However, thoughout history, catastrophes have been faced by using humour in all its dimensions. Let have a look to some swine flu jokes to overcome the situation.


Swine flu is spread by capitalist pigs.

I had a bad day yesterday, I made a pig´s ear of everything I tried.

I think I have the swine flu. I have the sudden urge to eat bacon.

I think I have swine flu: I ´ve broken out in rashers.

Apparently my mate´s got swine flu, I think he´s just telling porkies, though.

Will there be a mass outbreak of Human/ Avian Swine flu? When pigs fly…

Swine fever is a song by Piggy Lee (Peggy Lee had a hit with “You give me fever”)

For a normal flu, we say “achoo”, but for swine flu we say “achoink”.

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