According to data from ICEX, Spain exported about 1.70 million tons of meat and meat products, with an estimated worth 3.815 million euros in 2011. These figures represent a growth of 18.5% in value and 13.7% in quantity.
The trade balance of meat sector is positive as the value of imports  were  1,416 million euros in 2011, with a growth (5.7%) lower than exports. The figures are:

  Value(mill€)  Dif. 11/10% Quantity Dif. 11/10%  
Beef  401,5 13,0 121.437   4,5  
Pork 2086,2 21,9 995.318 14,5  
Mutton  123,8 13,8   28.629    3  
Poultry  193,0 13,5 142.771 12,9  
Offals and other meats  373,6 19,3 299.911 23,00  
Cured jam   231,3 9,0     27.394 11,6  
Manufactured meats   405,5 31,6     87.192 11,7  
Total 3.815,02 18,5 1.702.652 13,7  

According to these data, there has been an increase in volume in all categories, particularly in the sales of offal and  other types of meats, and a rise in prices in manufactured meats (31.6% up to 405 million euros).
The category of pork remains the main protagonist of Spanish exports, as it accounts for about 58.5% of exported meats and 54.7% of all Spanish exports.

The EU is our top buyer with import worth €83 billion in 2008-10. Regarding the destination of exports, the European Union is the top market as it receives by 79.1% of Spanish sales. France is the main  buyer  of Spanish meat and meat products with a worth 998 million euros.

And outside the EU, Russia is the top importer of Spanish meat with worth 216 million euros in 2011. There has been a strong growth of the Chinese market which has already become the second largest meat export destination outside the EU with worth 96 million euros.

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