According to the Spanish Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM), Spanish households spent Eur 5785.7 million on food in January, representing a fall of 8.1 % in the same month of 2010.

Home Food Consumption Panel , which was published on 6 April by the MARM and refers to January 2011, has stated that households bought 2590.6 million kilograms, liters and other product units. It represents a decrease of 6,2 % in volume if compared to January 2010. It also notes the decline in household consumption of commodities such as fresh beef and pork, sole, hake or whiting, vegetables, fruit, milk, bread, sunflower oil and eggs.

Household mainly spent on meats (1,360 million Euros, -17%), fish products (753.3 million, -8%), milk and milk products (717.8 million, -3.8%), fruits (466.2 million, -12.8%), vegetables and fresh potatoes (461.5 million, -1.4%), bread (362 million, -8%), soft drinks (126.4 million, -5%) and oils (up to 124.1 million, -1.4%). In lower spending figures, eggs (63.7 million, -7.7%) and sparkling wines (83.8 million, -5.5%), bottled water (4.1 million, -7.5%) and strong alcoholic beverages (35.1 million, +3.9%).

Over the past year (between February 2010 and January 2011) Spanish households spent 66.579 million euros on food products, representing a decrease of 3.3% in the same previous period. The volume of food products purchased in this period fell by 2.2 %, to 30,319.7 million kilograms, liters and other product units. The panel also shows that in the same period there was a loss of purchase volume in hypermarkets (-6.2%) in favor of supermarkets (+3.1%) and discount stores (+9%).

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