Six million of tourists visit Spain for our top-level gastronomy. Our top quality products are exported all the world over to give consumers a glimpse of what is so special about enjoying Spain thousands of miles from the Iberian Peninsula.

In today´s Spain, tradition rubs elbows with the avant-garde –a juxtaposition well exemplified by the generation of chefs that has earned a place for our cuisine and products.

Spanish food industry generates more than €81.000 million  every year, 7,6% in our GDP, employs 450.000 people and is the second sector in export terms with €17.000 million  after the car sector. The General Secretary of FIAB points out that our employment rate is 9 points below the rest of sectors in Spain.

Food industry must be promoted as it has been the only sector that was able to create employment last year (with a slightly 0,52% increase).Although consumption has decreased, most companies have adapted to consumer´s demands by investing more than  €200 million: an important quantity if considering that 95% of food industry companies are PYMES (Small and Medium Companies with less than €50 million in turnover).

World must discover our thousands of foods and diverse ingredients with an excellent quality and price: cavas, wines, meats, ibericos, etc.

Food industry, our gastronomy, tourism and Spanish culture should go together to promote our Made in Spain products.

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