In preparation for the Olympic Games in Bejing in 2008, the Chinese organised «Pig Olympics». Pigs can´t fly but they can run, swim and dive as proven by contestants in the Pig Olympics.

Thousands of locals  made their way to Hongkou District´s Heping Park to watch some 20-pig athletes from Thailand take part in sporting events over the past month. The four-legged athletes battle it out in running, hudles, jumping through a hoop, swimming and diving every day at 10 am and 1 pm.

Yang Ying, the event´s organizer, said he would no longer take it for granted that all pigs are stupid and lazy. In fact, they started receiving training soon after they were born and became «professional» athletes one year later.

In 2010 the event has been hold in Russia.

Russian piglets trained to run, swim and play football took part in the third annual Pig Olympics, held during the ‘ZooRussia»  exhibition at an exhibition centre near Moscow.

Twelve piglets representing countries from around the world competed in three events: running race, pig ball and swimming. The wimmers were the pigs themselves who would be allowed to breed the next generation of sport pigs.

The organizers of the event, along with the newly formed Russian Federation of Sport Pig Breeding, say they hope to introduce pig-boxing or pig fighting into the next year’s games.


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