New EU27 oilseeds estimates for the 2013/4 marketing year released  a good EU-27 oilseeds harvest this year, despite the adverse weather conditions, with productionrising by 5.8% on last years levels.According to Copa-Cogeca oilseeds working party, “the figures show that total EU-27oilseed production reached 29.5 mt in 2013/4 which is up 5.8% on last years level. EU-27 rapeseed production is forecast to climb by 2.3%.This shows the hardiness of the crop and its capability to survive adverse weather conditions. There should be a balanced market this year which is crucial for the livestock industry as it provides a good source of protein in feed”.
But serious concerns are expressed about the partial ban on the use of 3 seed treatments (clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiametoxam) for seed treatment. EU farmers are facing less and less comprehensive tools to fight against pest and disease which increases significantly their production costs.
The partial ban is expected to have a severe impact on crop production, especially spring rapeseed with potential drops of up to 20% foreseen for the next harvest. Farmers are still looking for alternative treatments to be widely available at EU level.
The question for the EU policy makers is now : “is there enough quantity available on the World market to provide sufficient meal for the EU livestock sector?.

Source: Copa-Cogeca