On August 29th last year, the 1st European Deboning Championship was held in Reddha-Wiedenbrück (Germany).  All butchery employees of the European meat industry were invited to participate.  As with the German Deboning Championship, the event was initiated by Tönnies Fleisch and Friedr. Dick..
The non-profit association “Aktion Kinderträume”, which has been founded on the occasion of the 1st German Deboning Championships, is also organizer of the European Deboning Championships. The association meanwhile counts 176 members – mostly characters and companies from the meat industry and their suppliers. Membership fees and revenues from fundraising events, i.e. the Blau-Weissen-Nacht and the European Deboning Championships are used to financially support child relief projects, especially children’s hospices here in Germany and abroad.
The object is to get the interest all workers employed in the meat industry in the areas of Butcher Industry or Craftsmanship and to find the best. Thus, high standards of hygiene, exacting conditions and technical skills can be demonstrated. In addition to this, the championship will improve the image of the whole meat industry and display hygiene standards and the skills of butchery workers.
Europe’s best of the best of the deboning sector, from piece-worker to craftsman, everybody came together for this occasion.
The participants arrived from 11 different European countries. Initial shakiness was eliminated by companions who helped with tips and tricks. Inside the tent, many discussions among the participants from all over Europe were held and when there was no other possibility, the participants communicated with their hands and feet.

The winners were determined around 5 p.m. and were honored by Clemens Tönnies, TönniesFleisch, and Wilhelm Leuze, Friedr. Dick. This year’s winner of the first prize, the Harley Davidson, and therefore 1st European Deboning Champion is Peter Blom from the Netherlands. Accurate workmanship without penalty points from the jury (stitches in the meat or meat on the bones) was the decisive factor, thus the first European champion was able to compete against his tough competitors. 35-year-old Peter Blom from Putten in the Netherlands could hardly believe his luck. The winner of the second prize, a travel voucher worth EUR 5,000.00 as well as the title runner-up of the 1st European Deboning Championships was Dušan Francálek from Czech Republic. He started in the category handcraft.

Overview of all winners:

Catergory piece-work:

1st European Champion „BEST OF THE BEST“ Winner of the Harley Davidson
Peter Blom, the Netherlands, born in 1974
Employer: Gebrüder de Jong

2nd prize monetary prize EUR 2,000.00
Beto Senharib, Germany, born in 1973
Employer: TönniesFleisch

3rd prize monetary prize EUR 1,500.00
Berthold Bohmann, Germany, born in 1975
Employer: Gerhard Schrand GmbH

4th prize
Michael Büttner, Switzerland, born in 1964
Employer: Schlachthof Büttner

Category handcraft:

1st prize runner-up European Champion, travel voucher worth EUR 5,000.00
Dušan Francálek, Czech Republic, born in 1978
Employer: Kosteleckè uzeniny

2nd prize monetary prize EUR 2,000.00
Magne Brevik, Sweden, born in 1971
Employer: Nortura Steinkjer

3rd prize monetary prize EUR 1,500.00
Bernd Gall, Germany, born in 1959
Employer: Haid

4th prize
Matthias Hirt, Germany, born in 1976
Employer: Fleischerei Richter

Special prize monetary prize EUR 1,000.00
Best in time in deboning 3 shoulders
Erik Tober, Germany, born in 1977

The championship will take place every two years.


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