Due to  Dioxin alert in some European countries, Porcisan would like to reassure its clients with this declaration which has been previously sent to all of them.

Porcisan reports that the company is not connected  in any way with the  food alert that has been triggered in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands on dioxins. Porcisan neither has nor ever  had any relationship with the feedingstuff manufacturer Harles&Jentzch.

Porcisan manufactures its animal feedingstuffs safely and  in accordance with European standards and these standards are also required to its raw material suppliers. Feedingstuffs which are always and exclusively produced by Porcisan are used for its animal feeding.

None of its pig breeding farms is located near to any dioxin emission focus.

Porcisan follows the European Commision Recommendation 2006/88/EC and Recommendation 2004/704/EC on the reduction of presence of dioxins in feedingstuffs and foodstuffs.

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