Fashion world gives itself up to pigs. Great designers and international brands use pig logos in their creations. The Spanish  company collaborated with the famous American designer MARC JACOBS in the creation of an exclusive passport case. According to, «the passport case was made thinking about people travelling all around the world but also living the city day-to-day. Any passport from any country can fit in it, as well as other documents, like driver’s licenses, credit cards… whatever… there´s also a velcro pocket good for keeping money in…
The pigs fabric was chosen by the Marc Jacobs guys who fell in love with it when they visited our shop in Madrid. So we embroidered their logo on it in light pink, while our logo was embroidered on the dollar fabric… pretty appropriate for these days we´re living… hah.
This special series can only be found at the Marc by Marc Jacobs shops in the Usa».

POMELLATO is a rigorous Milanese artisan company of luxurious jewellery. Only a piece of POMELLATO jewellery has fused within it beauty, sensuality, thought. In their DODO collection a gold pig pendant is found among other animals. Dodo is the name of that funny feathered fellow who used to live happily on the island of Mauritius until extinction caught up with him. It has come back to life and now he lives all over the world because he has became a symbol of nature and Pomellato´s sweetest collection of jewellery. The Dodo pendants are a happy company of animals who speak the language of feelings and emotions. To give as a gift, or to collect because Dodo do es not like to be alone. DODO pig charm is available on POMELLATO boutiques and selected stores all over the world.

Since 1999 PANDORA brand has been the ever-popular charm bracelet and top-quality jeweller on the Danish market, turning into a global brand that is currently sold in 18 countries. You can build your own bracelet choosing an infinite number of possible combinations. Spoil yourself selecting a chain and a delicate set of beads made of Murano glass, 14 kt gold and steling siver. You can find a selection of cute silver charms inspired by the animal kingdom and amongst them there is a pig silver charm.

These are some suggestions for your Christmas presents.  But remember that true joy come from inside you.


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