Collagen is a type of protein that connects ans supports other bodily tissues, such as skin, bone, tendons, muscles and cartilage. It also supports the internal organs and is even present in teeth. There are more than 25 types of collagen that natually occur in the body.

Collagen is one of the most plentiful proteins present in the bodies of mammals, including humans and pigs. In fact, it makes up about 25 percent of the total amount of proteins in the body. Some people refer to collagen as the glu that holds the body together. Without it, the body would, quite literally, fall apart.

Collagen is aften discussed in relation to the skin. it works with keratin to provide the skin with strength, flexibility ans resilience. As people age, however, collagen degradation occurs, leading to wrinkles. As such, it is an important substance for those looking for ways to fight the visible effects of aging on the skin and it is used in some cosmetic surgeon procedures.

Evolence is the name of a dermal filler made from super-refined pig collagen that is used to treat collagen degradation in humans. It is derived from the protein in porcine tendons. It is produced by the Israeli Biotechnology company Colbar and it is widespread used in the United States and Europe. It smoothes wrinkles when it is injected as it can be seen on this video.

Photo Source Evolence


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