BANDERA-BRASILBrazil, total meat consumption per capita jumps 17.5% in 10-year timeIn 2010, Brazilians consumed 94 kg (208 lbs) of meat, what represents a 17.5% growth over the 80 kg per capita (177 lbs) registered in 2001. On a year basis, it represents an average 1.6% growth for all meats. The numbers come from a recent study conducted by a Brazilian consultancy company.

Chicken meat leads this expansion. Between 2001 and 2010 chicken meat consumption left beef consumption behind to become the leading consumed meat in Brazil. In the period the per capita consumption per year jumped from 31 kg (68.5 lbs) to 44.7 kg (98.9 lbs), a 44% rise. Meanwhile, beef consumption was stable respect 2001, 35 kg per capita (77.4 lbs).

Despite its more expressive presence in the Brazilians diets, the per capita pork consumption grew only 2.8% in 10-year time and reached 14.8 kg per capita (32.7 lbs) in 2010.

Compared to other developing countries total meat per capita consumption in Brazil may be considered impressively high – 94 kg (208 lbs). According to FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) in 2030 the total meat per capita consumption per year of chicken, beef and pork in the developing countries is forecast to reach 37 kg (82 lbs). The study concludes this rapid increase in the per capita meat consumption in Brazil comes in the stream of the rise in the Brazilians consumers’ purchasing power. Furthermore, the study speculates, before these figures, whether Brazil will be able ti supply the upcoming growing demand of countries like China and India.

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