About of Porcisan

After three generations of pig traders, Porcisan was established in 1986 as a company centred on the breeding and fattening of pig livestock as well as wholesale pork trading in Spain and Europe.  We are present in Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy  and Morocco.

Porcisan is above all a pig producer company with a family character encouraged by a highly professional and committed team.

Our central office in placed in Santomera (Murcia), in the southeast coast of Spain. Porcisan possesses a feedmill in La Murada (Alicante) and modern livestock  installations composed of reproductive sow farms, as well as weaning and fattening farms in several south eastern regions of Spain: Andalucia, La Mancha, Murcia and Comunidad Valenciana. Presently, we also have Iberian pig exploitations in Andalusia.

Our main concern is to guarantee that this production system is based on ethical values, a proper sustainable development and respect for the environment.

Our commitment to quality allows Porcisan to offer a traceability system which controls  the production system, providing  our clients with a greater security and quality.

Porcisan is a guarantee of quality and commitment  for generations.