6th IMS World Pork Conference

Concerns over the future of cheap energy, supplying the rising demand for pig meat around the world, the effect of biofuels on feed and global consumer requirements will be the focus of the World Pork Conference in Germany in October.

On 6 and 7 October 2011, the 6th IMS World Pork Conference was held for the first time in Germany. 300 participants and high-ranking speakers from all over the world discussed the development of production and the factors influencing the global demand for pork and pork products.

According to the recent figures published by the FAO, the demand for pork will increase by almost 20% to 127 million tons by 2020. At the same time, production will also be stepped up considerably. While production and consumption have been stagnating or only growing at a very moderate pace in the developed states, there has been a marked increase in the emerging and developing countries. Their share is forecast to rise to 67 percent in terms of production and 69 percent in terms of consumption.

Decisive factors influencing pork production are the availability and prices of energy and feedstuff. In this regard, the industry faces huge challenges all across the globe as a result of the price increases for these means of production and the increasing use of arable land to grow energy crops. The industry assumes that this trend is set to continue and this is why potentials for higher efficiency must be harnessed at all stages of production.

The conference discussed all aspects related to sustainability: food safety, feeding the world and climate protection, animal welfare and protection – these are the issues the industry is faced with today. The ongoing globalization of the meat trade means that we need to have a cross-border exchange on these topics. This is why this conference attracted so many visitors. Out of the 300 delegates, almost two thirds came from abroad, amongst other countries Russia, China, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain and France.

By hosting the World Pork Conference, a platform was created for the most urgent issues confronting the international pork industry. Sector is well prepared for future challenges.