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The European Union requested consultations with the Government of Argentina under the dispute settlement provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO), concerning certain measures imposed by Argentina on the importation of goods into Argentina. Turkey, Ukraine, The United Status, Australia, canada, Guatemala, Japan and Mexico requested to join the consultations on the same matter. Sigue leyendo


Denmark became the first country to tax saturated fats. The tax hits all foods with a saturated fat content above 2.3 percent. Denmark’s Confederation of Industries calculated that the tax adds 12 cents to a bag of chips, 39 cents to a small package of butter and 40 cents to the price of a hamburger. The Danish government implemented the tax because it wanted Danes, who lag behind European life expectancy numbers, to get healthier. Will they? The research on “fat taxes” is sparse, but there’s good reason to be skeptical about the potential public health gains. Sigue leyendo

The Rosselkhoznadzor and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain on the issue of African swine fever control

In view of the wide spread of African swine fever (ASF) in Russia including its spread in wild fauna as well as taking into account Spanish Veterinary Service’s significant experience of the disease control during 1960-1995, the Rosselkhoznadzor applied to the General Directorate of Agricultural Production Hygiene of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment with a request to hold a videoconference in order to share experience in the field of development and implementation of measures aimed at prevention of the infection spread including its spread in wild boars. Sigue leyendo

El Rosselkhoznadzor y el Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente en la peste porcina africana

En vista de la amplia propagación de la peste porcina africana (ASF) en Rusia, incluida su difusión en la fauna silvestre, y teniendo en cuenta la importante experiencia del servicio Veterinario español en la lucha contra la enfermedad durante 1960-1995, el Rosselkhoznadzor pidió a la Dirección General de Sanidad Animal del Ministerio español de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente celebrar una videoconferencia con el fin de compartir experiencias para el desarrollo y la aplicación de medidas destinadas a prevenir la expansión de la infección en cerdos domésticos y jabalíes. Sigue leyendo